Dalpos Sustainability

Dalpos Sustainability

"Dalpos Appreciates how advanced building tools, like BIM, and emerging frameworks of ecological design evolve into novel, restorative paradigms for the human-built environment. For example, with the firm's deep experience in BIM, rapid prototyping and integrated design, it is possible to apply biomimicry to BIM, so that the building model becomes DNA."
- Kevin Stack, BADT, LEED Faculty, President Northeast Green Building Consulting, LLC

dalpos sustainability2Sustainability Attributes:

  • Ed Benjamin (retired partner) was 1 of 3 Founding Members of Greening USA
  • Energy Star Certified Firm
  • Member of the USGBC
  • US Green Bond Legislation
  • Sustainable Master Planning
  • Innovative pilot projects, DestiNY USA, Snooks Hollow and Research & Development Park
  • Beyond the Prescriptive approach - looking to the next evolution in sustainable design, including biomimicry, resilience theory and restorative designs

Why Sustainability?

dalpos sustainability3At Dalpos, we believe we have a responsibility to the built and un-built environment, which is why sustainable design is integrated in the work we do; it's part of our DNA as practicing Architects and Designers. We also realize, we are part of an industry which creates structures that consume energy, so we must be aware of the impact to natural ecosystems. As the earth's human population has increased, natural ecosystems have declined and changes in the balance of natural cycles has had a negative impact on both humans and other living systems.

Dalpos Sustainability is looking forward to what the next advances in Sustainable Design could be. This has led us to do some pilot work on a few jobs that have a unique vision.  One of these projects looks to restoration; inspired by the concept of ecological performance standards, design and building practices which recognize that our built environment is part of the natural world. This means, in the practical sense, that the roof of this home should function as the canopy of the Northern forest, its foundation and footprint as forest floor, and its site as border between forest and eastern riparian zone, naturally purifying water, sequestering CO2 and creating O2, in addition to providing habitat for our local co-resident species.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for all of us and our families. As we all navigate the next weeks and months to come we want to assure all of you that Dalpos is fully functioning and operating with 100% of our team working remotely.

In 2019 Dalpos migrated all of our servers to cloud based computing affording us the capability to work from any location. Should you need to reach any of our team please feel free to contact them directly on their mobile phones or contact any one of us at the following emails and we will promptly respond.

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