At Dalpos we pride ourselves in our work. When our dedication and work ethic is clear to our clients, we create an environment of trust and reliability. We are committed to seeing every project from start to finish being a dependable asset to every client.

Customer Testimonials

"The renovation phases were particularly difficult with hazmat abatement considerations and working around patients. Dalpos remained committed throughout the project and provided outstanding integration, communication, and results."

-Donald McLaughlin, P.E., Former SVP of Facilities and Support Services
Ellis Medicine


"The Dalpos project team members were always available and we were able to collaborate with them fully during the process. Since our opening, we have had nothing but positive comment on our building."

-Dr. Robert Druger, M.D., PhD, Owner
Druger Eye Care


"Dalpos Architects and Integrators helped give Bassett the best Life Safety & Environment of Care surveys it has ever had! This is why I have requested Dalpos to assist our affiliate hospitals to help them have the best surveys as well."

-Russell Tilley, CHFM, Network Manager of Facilities
Bassett Healthcare Network