Dalpos Integration

Dalpos Integration

"At Dalpos we believe that industry has to change and we intend to lead by example, transforming the way in which we design, collaborate, and innovate with our partners and clients. We will push the envelope across the 5 Dalpos innovation areas and maximize value to our clients & partners."
- John Bartolotti, AIA, Partner, Dalpos Architects

dalpos integrationIntegration Attributes:

  • Define project scope, cost and schedule quickly
  • Keep design options open
  • Improve speed to project completion
  • Make continuous design improvements
  • Improve constructability and project quality
  • Improve project coordination
  • Maintain focus on the entire project life cycle
  • Maintain focus on client goals

Integration - The Key to Customer Satisfaction

dalpos integration2Dalpos Innovation comprises over 45 years of experience in some of the most demanding markets in the industry.  During that time we've developed an integrated approach for designing and managing projects with a fine attention to detail and unyielding standards that have earned numerous awards and recognition.

Dalpos by the very nature of its clients had to develop an integrated approach, at the same time there were technological limits to how far we could push the envelope. Starting in 2002, Dalpos began looking outside the AEC Industry to Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing for lessons learned from each as they were faced with the same challenges as the AEC/O industry is facing today. What we discovered, is not only are the challenges facing the AEC/O industry similar to the other industries researched, the way forward may even be more difficult because of the nature of Design and Construction.

Our solution was to take our experience of integration and craft a 21st century approach to Architecture and Project Management, enabled by technology. We identified 5 Innovation areas that are focused on new and emerging technology and we developed a management philosophy which addresses the shortcomings of our industry and creates a culture that delivers added value and insight to our partners and clients.

To our Valued Clients, Consultants
and Business Partners

The Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for all of us and our families. As we all navigate the next weeks and months to come we want to assure all of you that Dalpos is fully functioning and operating with 100% of our team working remotely.

In 2019 Dalpos migrated all of our servers to cloud based computing affording us the capability to work from any location. Should you need to reach any of our team please feel free to contact them directly on their mobile phones or contact any one of us at the following emails and we will promptly respond.

We’ll see you on the other side.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Team Dalpos